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The Trump investigation

CEO of National Enquirer gets immunity in special counsel investigation

Can the president be indicted?

Pardoned persons lose 5th Amendment rights before a grand jury

Word: If Trump pardons Blagojevich

Trump's indictment could be put on hold


Washington lawyers leary of representing Trump

This Dutch TV documentary that tells stories that should have been featured during the campaign but weren't.

Part II of Dutch documentary on Trump's friends

An investigative reporter looks into the Trump empire six years ago

Trump real estate back story update

Flynn connection

How Flynn's plea agreement prevents the president from pardoning himself

Flynn facts

Flynn gets a half million bucks from Turkey and here's part of the payoff

Pence and Flynn

Flynn spreads fake news

Michael Flynn thinks Islam is a "cancer"

Transition notes: Michael Flynn


Just a reminder: Mueller's investigation is not about politics; it's about potential treason

Key figure in Mueller probe once sentenced for child pornography

What Donald Trump could learn from how Mueller handled the Gamino famly

Majority approve of Mueller investigation

Mueller peering into Trump's banking

Pence sent lawyer to Mueller to say he'd cooperate

Mueller and NY attorney general working together

Mueller enlists the IRS

Trump warns Mueller not to do his job

NY prosecutor joins Mueller's team

Mueller's team includes organized crime experts

Trump vs. law enforcement

The suspicious McCabe firing

Trump lawyer's email: "Watch your back, bitch."

Trump hires lawyer with background in corruption cases

Trump's lawyer boasted he played central role in firing Preet Bharara

Trump called NYC US Attorney several times after election

Five clues Comey left behind

Legal experts' view of the Comey report

Comey's prepared testimony

Comey told Sessions he didn't want to be left alone with the President

President Trump reportedly asked Comey to consider imprisoning reporters who published classified information

Two officials say Comey sought more funds to Russian investigation just days before being fired

Word from a Comey source to CNN

Trump U

Trump pays $25 million to end fraud suit against Trump U

NY Attorney General called Trump University a "straight up fraud."

Mid East connections

Mid East countries tried to influence 2016 elections, too

Russia connections

Report alleges Ukraine paid Cohen for meeting with Trump

FBI was investigating Trump campaign because of Russian contacts

RNC pays nearly a half million dollars to law firm representing clients in Russian inquiry

Grand jury indicts 13 Russians for election interferencce

Senator demands revelation of Trump's real estate deal with Russians

TrumpTower meeting Russian connection now targeted in Swiss court case

Mueller looking into whether Rusian money funded NRA gifts to Trump campaign

Trump and the Russian Mafia

State Department using ex-KGB spy to handle security at US Moscow embassy

10 legal experts on why Trump can’t pardon his way out of the Russia investigation

The real estate culture Trump enjoyed

Putin says to stop criticizing Trump

Trump company planned Moscow tower during campaign

Trump praises Putin again

Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr represented Russian spy agency for years

Republicans took millions from Putin-connected oligarchs

Washington Post blows Sessions' cover on Russian meeting

Mueller looking into Trump business transactions with Russians

More on that 8th guy at the Trump Tower meeting

New York City's Russian mafia and Donald Trump

Russian hackers targeted 21 state elections

Felix Sater and Donald Trump

More Trump intervention in Russian investigation

Trump used to admit he did business with Russia

Lobbyist for Russian interests attended two dinners hosted by Sessions

Russian connections of Trump's FBI pick

Trump's lawyer has Russian connections

Just wondering: Elections and Russians

Russian officials discussed dirt they had on Trump

The Russian side of Trump update

Former CIA Director John Brennan told the House intelligence committee Russia "brazenly interfered" in US elections,

Russian officials discussed how to exert influence over Trump

Former CIA Director John Brennan told the House intelligence committee Russia "brazenly interfered" in US elections,

Russians bragged about their connection with Flynn

NYT: Trump told Russians that Comey was a "real nut job"

Tillerson is director of a US-Russian oil firm hidden in Bahamas

The Trump-Russian connection

Russian connections: Kushner's interesting contact

Law firm that said Trump had no significant financial ties to Russia was named as Russian law firm of the year

Eric Trump to golf journalist: "We have all the funding we need out of Russia"

Eric Trump denies Russian golf course connection

Is the FBI investigation really centered on Trump's possible ties to the Russian mob?

Two officials say Comey sought more funds to Russian investigation just days before being fired

Russian connections: Kushner's interesting contact

Ex-MI6 chief says Trump secretly borrowed Russian money to stay afloat during the financial crisis

The unmentioned aspect of Russia's manipulation of our election

The Russian connection

Trump's latest saga

Trump's law firm ranked as "Russian law firm of the year"

State & local action

The role of the NY Attorney General in the Trump scandals

NY Attorney General hires prosecutor to investigate Trump

How states' attorneys general could take down Trump

New York could publish Trump's tax returns

Fighting the inquiry

Trump looks for ways to get around Mueller

Business dealings

Why real estate deals are important to investigators

Trading in real estate for cash

Study finds Trump connected hotel in Panama was used for drug money laundering

Trump's condo sales raise money laundering questions

About money laundering

What's hiding about Trump in the Deutsche Bank vaults?

Trump real estate as a bank for corrupt money

The real estate culture Trump enjoyed

Trump's Deutsche Bank support coming under investigation

Trump denied Australian casino because of alleged "mafia connections'

Some grim history of the Trump organizatiion

Trump's cash only condos may blow his cover

Trump and Deutsche Bank: Follow the bouncing buck

Contractors claim Trump Hotel owes them $5 milliion

Since Trump's nomination, 70% of his property sales have secret owners

The wonder world of Trump finances

Justice Department claims it's okay for foreign government to support Trump businesses

Trump's collusion with law breaking corporations

The role of casinos in the Trump investigation

The Trump investigation includes possible financial crimes

Trump's company says it can't comply with emolument clause of Constitution

Suit filed over Trump's foreign business dealings

Trump's links to organized crime

Trump already making private money out of public role

Trump associated businesses have sought hundreds of foreign workers

Trump already has a $32 million conflict of interest

Trump already using 2020 campaign funds to boost his own businesses

Indonesian business partner claims easy access to White House

Court rules Trump's golf course has to pay millions

Trump hit with $2 million suit by DC hotel contractor

A subcontractor that worked on Donald Trump’s new luxury Washington, D.C. hotel has filed a lien claiming that the Trump Organization and its construction manager have not paid it almost $2.1 million. That claim, reported Friday by the Washington Post, brings the total in alleged unpaid bills on the Trump International Hotel in D.C. to more than $5 million

Trump companies owe more than $1 billion

Donald Trump’s new Washington hotel, located just blocks from the White House, owes electricians, wood workers and a plumbing and heating business more than $5 million for unpaid labor, according to liens filed against the property with the District of Columbia. The 263-room hotel, located on the historic site of the city’s former main post office, opened in October following a $212 million renovation of the 1899 structure. The liens were filed in November and December, according to public records.

A guide to Trump's $700 million in debt

Donald Trump has filed for business bankruptcy four times

Trump holds interest in Keystone Pipeline company

Trump properties in huge tax scam case

Trump vs. the law: A case file

Trump & Co involved in over 4,000 lawsuits

Can the president be indicted?

Business dealings


Flynn connections

Illegal war

Impeachment & indictment

Legal matters

Mid East connections

Mueller investigation

Russia connections

Sex cases

Those on the case

Trump's gang

Trump & honesty

Trump's connections

Michael Cohen

Trump's lawyer's lawyer was (is?) a foreign agent for Qatar

Prosecutors flip Cohen's Taxi King

Cohen alleged to have sought $1 million fee for participation in Trump regime plan

Michael Cohen's shadowy business empire

A brief history of Michael Cohen's criminal ties

Trump's personal lawyer comes under congressional inquiry

Irakly Kaveladze

More on that 8th guy at the Trump Tower meeting

Jared Kushner

Kushner investors asked for documents by tax authorities

Deutsche Bank contradicts Kushner story

Russian bank and Kushner conflict on purpose of meeting

Kushner's Jersey con

Kushner's felon father and two ex-inmate friends back in his business

Why the FBI is interested in Kushner

New York Magazine reports Kushner as "person of interest"

Paul Manafort

Mueller amasses more than 400,00 Manafort related documents

Mueller links Manafort to leading Russian mobster

Manafort's big Russian connection

Manafort owed big sums to pro-Russia interests

DOJ, NY AG and NYC DA looking into Manafort's real estate and banking past

Manafort's curious real estate deals

Carter Page

Carter Page bragged about his Russian connection

Michael Pence

Pence sent lawyer to Mueller to say he'd cooperate

Felix Sater

Trump and the felon: The Felix Sater story

Ex-Trump business partner reportedly talking about prison for POTUS

Trump's friend Felix Sater

More on Sater

Donalds Trump Jr

216 things that Donald Trump Jr doesn't know or can't remember

Trump Jr. hires mob lawyer

Trump and the mob

Trump and the mob

Eric Trump

Eric Trump to golf journalist: "We have all the funding we need out of Russia"

Eric Trump denies Russian golf course connection

Illegal war

Another reason to impeach Trump

Sex cases

Trump lawyer tries to stop sexual harassment suit


Trump's Washington hotel profits may violate the Constitution

State Department spends over $15k for rooms at Trump hotel

Trump Tower ges $130,000 a month in rent from US military

200 Democrats sue Trump over emoluments

Two attorneys general sue over foreign money going to Trump business

Democratic congressmembers filing suit against Trump's violation of emoluments clause

Trump's honesty

Trump biographer says he was threatened with tapes, too

Trump once had to admit to 30 lies

488 false or misleading claims mark Trump's first 100 days

A guide to Trump lies since his inauguration

Now even Trump admits he's a liar

75% of Trump's claims are lies

Impeachment & indictment

Why impeaching Trump may not be the answer

Clinton investigation found that presidents could be indicted

More on pardon powers

A historian's view of Trump trying to pardon himself

Could Trump pardon himself?

Just a thought: The hazards of impeachment

Those on the case

Another state AG on the Trump case

A few questions about Trump's new FBI director

Lieberman has tried to undermine Americans' constitutional rights

Lieberman's connection with Trump

Word: Robert Mueller

Trump and the law

Is Donald Trump a traitor?

Word: Not ready for impeachment

Following the money behind Trump golf courses

Law suit contends Trump participated in story fraud

The dangerous and complex task of whistleblowing

Lawyers from four top firms reject the Trump case

Mueller can get Trump's income tax returns on his own

Wash Post; Someone at White House is of significant interest to FBI

Trump has been sued 134 times in federal court already

DC wine bar suing Trump

The law that could trap Trump

Trump claiming immunity in non-federal law suits

How states' attorneys general could take down Trump

Problems with the Trump divestment plan

How being appointed by Trump can be a big tax break

Trump loses all of his libel suits

Trump's companies have destroyed thousands of emails in defiance of court orders

Trump's hotel opening was illegal

Trump's staff has its own law & order problems

Court orders Trump to pay Miami paint store $300,000

Sex issues

Woman files defamation suit against Trump over alleged sexual assaults

Trump tax returns

New York could publish Trump's tax returns

Trump foundation tax return admits self-dealing