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1992-1999 Part 13

January 1999


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  In May 1992, the Review became the first publication in America to present a comprehensive report on what has now come to be known as the Clinton scandals. Outside of conservative media no other publication has so consistently told this story

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<> Why are you harder on Clinton than on the Republicans?

As Willy Sutton said explaining why he robbed banks, because that's where the money is. In post-constitutional America most political power is vested in the White House currently controlled by the Democrats.

Besides, in journalistic terms, a congressmember is worth, at most, about 1/435th of a president. Still, if you want to trade Rep. Burton's resignation for that of Clinton you got yourself a deal.

Anyway, ideology is a lousy clue to scandals. It helps understand how various parties react to a political scandal but not the scandal itself. In fact, one of the most frequent reasons we don't find out about corruption is because the two parties -- which function these days primarily as money laundering schemes -- have a joint interest in not revealing the information. Hence the concealment involved in the Cox investigation of trade with China, the refusal of the GOP to look into Arkansas drug smuggling and its ties to the CIA, the shoddy investigations of Vince Foster's death and so forth. History will probably also show that Kenneth Starr was, in fact, one of Clinton's best allies by failing to look into all the corners he should have.

<> If this story isn't about sex why do the Republicans keep mentioning it?

The trial of Clinton centers not on sex but Clinton's behavior following sex, including perjury and obstruction of justice. These felonies were committed in order to deny Paula Jones a fair day in court in her case against the President. Clinton ultimately paid Jones $850,000 in recompense. He has offered absolutely nothing in recompense to the public or Congress for his illegal acts.

In the course of the Jones case, the question came up as to a pattern of behavior on Clinton's part. As a result a number of other incidents were investigated as part of that trial and of Starr's subsequent inquiry into Clinton's obstruction of the trial. This is how the alleged rape came up.

Rape, according to feminist canon, is not about sex; it is about power. Further, the following acts are not a normal part of sex yet have been alleged to have occurred to those who had sexual relations with the president: death threats; vandalism; intimidation, bribery or other inducement to sign false affidavits; public trashing on national television; use of private detectives to spy upon, induce and/or threaten; as well as, in at least one case each, the beating or murder of a person with evidence of Clinton's sexual activities.

No, this is not about sex. It is about crime.

<> How can the Senate consider evidence that wasn't presented to the House?

There is no constitutional prohibition against the Senate hearing new evidence. The evidence in contention, however, is not new. It was available to any House member who wanted to look at it. The Democrats are pretending that because they declined to read it, it can't be used.


The select House committee looking into the transfer of secret technology to China has filed a secret report on how it happened, illustrating once again the first principle of intelligence: don't let the American people know what the other side already does.

As a result of this bipartisan clamp on the scandal, we have no idea as to whether the egregious practices of the Clinton administration were matched by those of Reagan and Bush or not. The implication is, of course, that everybody does it, which means that everybody for the past 20 years has been helping American corporations build up the Chinese economy just as we allowed American industry to transform Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union into worthy adversaries.

We do know that the Clinton Administration took large sums of barely laundered campaign contributions from the Chinese government and ignored its own national security and diplomatic advisors in loosening export restrictions. The two biggest beneficiaries: Hughes, primarily a Republican donor; and Loral, primarily a Democratic one. The biggest losers: Americans and the security of their country.

The inquiry was not helped by being placed in the hands of experts in concealment and disinformation. In Chairman Chris Cox's own words:

"The investigation was headed by professional investigators with significant national security experience. The staff included C. Dean McGrath, Jr., former Deputy Staff Director and Deputy Assistant to the President; Rick Cinquegrana, Deputy Inspector General of the CIA; Dan Silver, former General Counsel of the CIA and of NSA; Lewis Libby, former Deputy Under Secretary of Policy at the Department of Defense; Nicholas Rostow, former Legal Adviser to the National Security Council; Michael Sheehy, Minority Staff Director, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; and Michael Davidson, former Counsel to the Senate."

It looks as if, once again, we're going to have to rely on a Judicial Watch lawsuit to worm out more of the truth concerning the compromises and corruption involved in the Clinton China policy.



The following interesting exchange appeared on the Clinton Administration Scandal bulletin board:

Susan Dederich-Pejovich asked: Can anybody tell me the difference between 'lie' and 'mislead'? I think the distinction is nonsense. When a person misleads, they have to throw in a lie to throw pursuers off the track. If they didn't, the trail would lead to the truth.

Social worker Leslie A. Mathewson replied: I have worked with teenagers and criminals for over 5 years. I can tell you that in fact there is a difference between "Lie" and "mislead." "Lie" is used when a person tells an untruth and is willing/able to take responsibility for what s/he did. "Mislead" is used when an individual tells an untruth and is unwilling/unable to take the responsibility for their actions. This is a very important distinction. In my experience, those who "Lie" have a much better prognosis then those who "mislead."


How serious was the material that Starr presented to the House but was censored by that body? Long-time fence-sitter and moderate Christopher Shays thought it "very alarming and very unsettling," involving, "conduct by the President that is alleged to be pretty horrific."

According to Carl Limbacher at NewsMax, "Shays revealed that the new evidence temporarily shocked him into the pro-impeachment column. He reversed himself only at the eleventh hour after consulting with an unnamed advisor who argued that the charges, however ugly and even if true, did not constitute obstruction of justice."

Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon told the Arizona Republic, "I came away nauseated. There are things that go far beyond what we've heard."

Known to be included in the evidence is material related to an alleged 1978 rape of a woman by then Arkansas attorney general Clinton. But Limbacher suggests there is more, citing this exchange between Rep. Tillie Fowler and Chris Matthews following Fowler's comment that the new evidence was "too salacious to release:"

MATTHEWS: You mean the rape accusation?
FOWLER: Those and others.



DEADBEAT DAD? Is Bill Clinton a deadbeat dad? The question has arisen again because of the availability (thanks to the Starr report) of stats on the First Molecule. The issue was first raised during the 1992 New Hampshire primary in an article in the Globe, but was quickly buried by the rest of the media even though the woman involved had passed a lie detector test. The story was that Clinton had a child by an Arkansas prostitute with whom he had engaged in both group and more intimate sex. The campaign staff refused to comment on the matter and advance folk literally ran ahead of Hillary Clinton removing all copies of the paper that might fall into her field of vision.

(One of those who would have been expected to know about the story was Newsweek's Joe Klein, but he denies having heard about it or using it as the inspiration for the plot of "Primary Colors.")

The story lay fairly dormant until the matter of the blue dress arose, with its subsequent examination for DNA residue. Now purported son Danny Williams has taken a DNA test at the urging of the Star's Richard Gooding, the same reporter who uncovered Dick Morris' interesting relationship with a prostitute and her feet. The results will soon be known.

This has been reported by the Star, Matt Drudge, the New York Post, and even the BBC (which leads with the item at its on-line site) but our leading news nannies, the New York Times and Washington Post, are still keeping the matter from their readers.

RAPE CHARGE: In the establishment media, at least, the lid is also still on evidence of an alleged rape by Clinton in 1978 -- contained in the censored portion of the Starr report -- that continues to play a big role in the behind-the-scenes struggle over how the Senate will respond to impeachment. Journalists know about the situation, know it affected the House vote on impeachment, yet won't let readers and viewers in on the secret. As a result they prattle on about constitutional issues that are of tertiary concern to the real politics of the situation. The true struggle is not over constitutional principles but over exactly how much of Clinton's past is going to be exposed to public view. For example, Henry Hyde reportedly would like to call as witnesses five Jane Does who signed false affidavits in the Jones case. The Clintonistas desperately want to avoid this.

MORE OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE? If there is a Senate trial, among the witnesses should be those shamuses who have fanned out around the country trying to find dirt on Republican legislators, such as the ones reported rummaging around in Trent Lott's home town. There is at least circumstantial evidence that Clinton's obstruction of justice continues right to the present as the White House pursues its scorched earth policy.


Why is the bribery of Olympic Committee members by those seeking to bring its business from abroad of so much greater interest to the media than the bribery of the Clinton administration by those seeking to take their business abroad?

Asked of those seeking to become
a naturalized citizen of the US

Have you ever left the United Stats to avoid being drafted into the US Armed Forces?

Have you ever been a prostitute or procured anyone for prostitution?

Have you ever knowingly committed any crime for which you have not been arrested?

Do you believe in the Constitution?

[Uncovered by John McCaslin of the Washington Times]

From Jay Leno's introductory
remarks earlier this week:

An Arkansas prostitute is claiming that President Clinton is the father of her son and has submitted to a DNA test to prove it. And today the White House said it couldn't be possible. She must have just sat on Monica's dress. . . Who do you believe? A hooker or President Clinton? For most Americans that's a tough one. . . . Only President Clinton could distract people from a sex scandal with another sex scandal. Remember those innocent times of Monica Lewinsky? It seems like a hundred years ago, those innocent times we lived in back then. . . .The White House is still trying to put a positive spin on the whole thing. Today they said, "Hey, at least he didn't have oral sex with the woman." [See later]

PS: The Washington Times ran a story this morning, but the national nannies are still holding off.

From the London Telegraph

Bobbie Ann Williams, who is black, said she first met Mr. Clinton while he was out jogging near his governor's house in 1983. She claims that he paid her $200 (£120) for a sex act behind a hedge. There were 12 more encounters, one of them, allegedly, an orgy with herself and two female friends.

She claimed in a previous interview with a tabloid that Mr. Clinton paid them $400 each to come to a house owned by his mother. She claimed that after watching the three women in different sexual positions, Mr. Clinton then turned to her.

She said: "Finally he was ready for straight sex and tried using a condom, but he took it off. He said: 'I don't like them.' I didn't care. It didn't matter to me. I guess that we didn't think much about it. We were done in about three hours and he surprised us all with a $50 tip apiece. We were really happy, and we giggled all the way back to Little Rock."

She said that she told Mr. Clinton she was pregnant. She said: "But he just laughed. He was rubbing my big belly and said: 'Girl, this can't be my baby.' But I knew it was."

The woman insisted that her son was "as white as any white child." She said: "The older he got, the more he started looking like his daddy, Bill."

Another tabloid, The Globe, said that Miss Williams' account was subjected to a lie-detector test which indicated that she was telling the truth".[See later]

[Williams maintains that Clinton was the only white man with whom she had sex during the month in question]

* Amount the Riady family contributed to the 1992 and 1996 Clinton campaigns: nearly $5 million
* Amount of investments of the Riady family that are connected to the Chicane Government and its subsidiaries: $5 billion.
* Who won when McDonalds's and the Riadys wanted the same space on Beijing's most valuable commercial block: the Riadys
* Amount the Riadys paid Webster Hubbell for unknown reasons during his criminal troubles: $100,000
* Amount Riady henchman John Huang raised for the Democratic party: $2.66 million.
["Year of the Rat']


A cellular phone company is about to launch an ad campaign featuring Nixon saying "I am not a crook," President Bush pledging, "Read my lips: no new taxes" and President Clinton saying, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" The 30-second spot ends: "Talk is cheap."


According to Time, the Drudge Report and the New York Post, the DNA test on Danny Williams came back negative. While this may appear to end the matter, don't count on it. Here's why:

* The story was never just about whether Clinton was the father of prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams' child. It was also a tale of the 1980s Little Rock culture of drugs and sex of which Clinton was a part. In some ways, Clinton's behavior seems to have paralleled that of Marion Barry during the same period, albeit with decidedly different results.

* One British paper, the Daily Mail, claims that Clinton's involvement with prostitutes laid him open to political pressure from a least one high-power Arkansas figure.

* Steve Denari -- a Democrat who led the 1992 Perot campaign in Illinois -- came into possession of documents relating to Bobbie Ann Wiliams at the end of the campaign, which he did not release Denari told the Mail that there were "cancelled cheques that showed Bobbie Ann had been given money by Clinton for Danny's education and to keep her quiet. There was a statement in her hand confessing she had supplied Clinton with cocaine. ~ I don't see how Clinton can deny the drug use. He may not have inhaled marijuana, but he will not be able to deny snorting cocaine.' [See later story]


Howard Kurtz's high-minded journalistic distaste for those (e.g. the Washington Times, London Times, BBC, and TPR) who told their readers about developments in the Danny Williams DNA case would have been a bit more convincing if it weren't for the company he keeps. His paper, which is spinning the Clinton story fast enough to form its own dervish sect, managed in one day to imply on its front page that if Clinton were acquitted history might regard him as the victim of a puritanical witch hunt, to attack on its editorial page Kenneth Starr for his indictment of Ms. Steele, and to run the Kurtz story right under a long piece on one of the sources in this matter the paper apparently prefers: Larry Flynt.

In fact, pass or fail, the Danny Williams story was fair game for the important fact that almost everyone making a key decision in Washington over the past few days knew about it. The Post, if nothing else, proved how it impossible it is to write an accurate story about what is going on while denying the existsnce of a key political factor. The result, in this case, was to create the impression, variously, of petty politics, high-minded statemanship or deep conflict over grave constitutional matters when, in fact, what everyone was really worried about was how much more shit was going to hit the fan.

The Post similarly misled its readers on the impeachment vote by not reporting what was really going on amongst some of the crucial moderate Republicans. In fact, they had read some of the censored material offered by Kenneth Starr and some, at least, were shocked enough to vote against the President.


One of the secrets of Clinton's success has been the willingness of the media to trash antagonists such as Kenneth Starr and Linda Tripp. A recent media study found that television coverage of Starr was heavily negative. No such study was, of course, necessary in the case of Ms. Tripp, who has been thoroughly discredited by the press for having refused to put herself in legal jeopardy on behalf of her friend, Monica Lewinsky.

As part of the media's scorched earth coverage of Tripp, the Washington Post even sent a reporter out to raise money for her defense fund. Total garnered: $1.01 and an extremely snide article. A few days later, however, a story appeared in the US News & World Report that sheds some light on the Post's antipathy towards Tripp. In her deposition in a Judicial Watch lawsuit, she said that while she was at the White House, the Post would give the administration a "heads up" when a damaging story was about to come out. "It happened frequnetly," said Tripp and "it was somehone high up It wasn't some gumshoe reporter."


If Nathan Landow, a key witness in the Kathleen Willey aspect of the Clinton story, gets called before the Senate, it will be intersting to see what those Democratic senators who have been recipients of his campaign gifts will do. One count have 32 Dems getting money from Landow and his son-in-law Michael Cardozo.

Speaking of conflicts, we also wonder if Senator Boxer will remove herself from the trial seeing as how her daughter is married to Hillary Clinton's younger brother.


ONe might argue, as Judge Nixon does, that his false statements were not material. ... But Judge Nixon took an oath to tell the truth and the whole truth. As a grand jury witness, it was not for him to decide what would be material. That was for the grand jury to decide. So I am going to vote "guilty' on articles I and II. Judge Nixon lied to the grand jury. He misled the grand jury. These acts are criminal and warrant impeachment." -- Senator Henry Kohl in 1989 before voting to convict US Judge Walter Nixon following his impeachemtn for perjury. 26 Democrats now in the Senate also voted to convict.


A few days ago, we asked: Why is the bribery of Olympic Committee members by those seeking to bring its business from abroad of so much greater interest to the media than the bribery of the Clinton administration by those seeking to take their business abroad?

Caleb J. Pollock at the University of North Carolina offers this examplanation: "The dress worn by the Clinton administration is already too tatered to show
the stain of dishonesty, while the "angelic" garb of the IOC shows the slightest blemish readily."

[See the end of our report]

"What a farce is the threatened trial against President Clinton! All charges against him are totally fraudulent in character. It all started with a British Intelligence operation around scribbler Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, well-documented in 300 pages of documentation by the White House about the so-called "Media Food Chain." Then the Whitewater scandal led to the Paula Jones scandal, which led to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which now is supposed to lead to the destruction of the U.S. Presidency! The whole world knows that this is a coup, and is agonized because this unfolding tragedy has the most far-reaching strategic implications."


No Jane Doe witness, people who gave affidavits denying a relationship in the Paula Jones case, will be called before the Senate unless, ~ they recant, it's relevant, it's under oath and subject to cross examination. If a witness meets that criteria to help us explain that this is about a persuasive, all encompassing obstruction case then I think, yes, we should have the right to call any witness before the Senate that can show that there's pattern of obstruction of justice here. This is very much the essence of this case. -- Rep. Lindsey Graham


The president, who swore to faithfully execute the laws of the land, said "I don't know" or its equivalent 271 times during his testimony in the Paula Jones case and 140 times during his testimony before the grand jury. Hillary Clinton, while testifying before a House committee, said "I don't know" or its equivalent 50 times in the 42 paragraphs of her statement. Some 100 of their friends and associates have taken the Fifth or fled the country and nearly 50 friends, associates or firms connected to the Clinton machine have been convicted of or pled guilty to felonies. Nothing close to this has happened in the history of the United States


When will this president stop lying? First William Jefferson Clinton lied under oath in his Paula Jones deposition. Then he lied before the grand jury investigating the Lewinsky affair. Then he lied in response to questions put to him by the House Judiciary Committee. Now Mr. Clinton is as it again. ~ Goodness knows what whoppers we are in store for once the president's men begin their 24 hours of story-telling. ~ The question before the Senate is whether that dignified body will allow Mr. Clinton to act with such effrontery. -- Washington Times

-- 17. On or about January 26, 1998, an attorney for President Clinton interviewed Defendant STEELE at her home in Virginia. On or about January 27, 1998, the attorney requested that Defendant STEELE sign an affidavit for use in the Jones v. Clinton case and sent Defendant STEELE's attorney a draft. On or about January 28, 1998, Defendant STEELE, upon advice from her attorney, decided not to sign the affidavit. Sometime thereafter, Defendant STEELE changed her mind.
-- 18. On or about February 13, 1998, Defendant STEELE provided President Clinton's attorneys an affidavit, executed under penalty of perjury, for use in the Jones v. Clinton case.
-- 19. The affidavit contained a number of false statements, including, but not limited to: (a) The affidavit said that Kathleen Willey never told Defendant STEELE about the President's alleged sexual advances. In fact, Kathleen Willey told Defendant STEELE about the alleged sexual encounter with President Clinton shortly after it happened, and both women discussed the alleged encounter several additional times. Moreover, Defendant STEELE herself described the alleged sexual advances to several of her friends by using the words "fondled" and "groped."; and (b) The affidavit said that Kathleen Willey asked Defendant STEELE to lie to a Newsweek reporter. In fact, Kathleen Willey did not ask Defendant STEELE to lie to a Newsweek reporter. -- from the indictment of Julie Hiatt Steele


Who is the attorney for President Clinton mentioned in #17 above? How much trouble is this attorney in?

SPINNER OF THE DAY (See above): Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


An NBC-Wall Street Journal poll finds opposition to
removing President Clinton dipping to 57%, compared
with 68% five weeks ago. 36% support removing the
president, up from 28%. Half now believe the Senate
proceedings will be fair.


Over the past week, three certified, long-term
progressives have expressed to your editor their
disgust with the president -- two went so far as to
say that they might vote Republican in the next
election. Unscientific as these reactions may be, in
six years of meandering through the miasma of the
Clinton machine nothing quite like this has happened
before. . .

Both the scientific and unscientific results lend
credence to our declining wave theory of loyalty to
con men and sociopaths. Once conned or mistreated by
such a person one's loyalty may recover but never to
quite the same level as before the incident. Each
subsequent betrayal weakens subsequent recovery
further until -- depending on the person or offense
-- one may simply say: to hell with it. Something like
this may now be underway with the First Fraud.


According to the APB News, a web site devoted to crime
and its coverage, Bobbie Ann Williams, the woman who
claimed that President Clinton fathered her child 13
years ago, has been well-known to her hometown police
department -- under four different names and for
involvement in various kinds of crime. A recent DNA
test found that her son, Danny Williams, could not
have been fathered by WJ Clinton.

Little Rock Police Department records show that the
39-year-old has been charged with 63 misdemeanors and
felonies, mostly involving prostitution and drugs,
but starting with a robbery charge in 1982 and ending
in the alleged abduction of her daughter in a dispute
with the child's father. Police also said that
Williams has been convicted for failing to appear in
court 17 previous times.

The article, by Matthew Waite, labeled Williams' claim
a hoax, although -- given the Little Rock drug/sex
culture in which Clinton participated (including with
Williams, according to some witnesses) this may be too
strong a description. After all, it would put Williams
in the unusual position of being the first person to
have conned the president rather than the other way
around. Other possible interpretations include:

* In circumstances of group and regularly reiterated
sex, combined with considerable drug use, matters
such as true paternity can become honestly confused.

* On the other hand, Williams may have decided to take
advantage of the confusion and ultimately found
herself in deeper than she had imagined.

In any case, the story was kept alive in no small part
because it appears Clinton himself may not have known
whether it was true. (As LBJ once allegedly said of
JFK: "I've fucked more women accidentally than he has
by design.")

From the time it first arose in the 1992 primaries,
the plan was to suppress the story rather than deny
it. Stumbling blocks for Clinton included reports
from state troopers and others concerning Clinton
having been involved with Williams and a dossier of
materials that almost became public at the end of the

The London Daily Mail reported on January 8 just
before the DNA results were released:

"'Little Rock is a small town in a small state.
Clinton was like God here and acted out all his
fantasies,' says L. D. Brown, an Arkansas state
trooper who witnessed some of the President's alleged
misdeeds. ~ When Clinton first met Bobbie Ann
Williams, in 1985, he had been governor of Arkansas
for four years. ~ According to Brown, Clinton's
dominance of Arkansas's political machine made his
behavior increasingly reckless. 'Buddy Young, another
state trooper, was Clinton's driver,' says Brown.
'Young would take the governor and Bobbie Ann Williams
to Clinton's mother's cabin. Clinton never doubted for
a moment that his people would keep their mouths shut
about his habits.'"

Young was later made a high-paid FEMA executive and
other troopers reported jobs offers or money in return
for silence.

To complicate matters further, there is an aspect of
the story reported by Gene Lyons of the Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette (who thinks it was all a hoax from
beginning to end). Lyons writes that in January 1998,
an ADG round-up article on Clinton sex allegations
brought the incident up again: "A woman identifying
herself as the real Bobbie Ann Williams presented
herself in the newsroom denying everything and blaming
the story on her sister, who she claimed had
impersonated her in the Globe. On Jan. 30, 1998, the
Globe ran a correction containing Williams' denial."

Lyons lays the story on a colorful Arkansas character
named Robert "Say" McIntosh who first raised the Danny
Williams matter to the media in 1988 about the time of
the Gary Hart affair. When journalists showed little
interest, McIntosh printed up handbills concerning
Williams and Clinton. According to a recent account by
Carl Limbacher for NewsMax, Williams also contacted a
Hillary Clinton aide, the Rev. Tommy Knots, in an
apparent attempt to win some acknowledgement and/or
money from the Clintons. It didn't work.

McIntosh -- who later would help Clinton out -- has
long been considered in low regard by the media and
even by ex-trooper Brown (who told Limbacher he was a
"nut."). Still he surfaced in an unusual fashion
during Clinton's inaugural festivities. As reported in
"Shadows of Hope" (Sam Smith, Indiana University
Press, 1994):

"It was left to the conservative Washington Times to
tell the story of how a convicted Arkansas drug dealer
got pardoned in the middle of the Washington
inauguration, complete with allegations that Clinton
had reneged not only on payments to the dealer's
father (who had worked on Clinton's last state
campaign) but on his promise to help market the
father's recipe for sweet potato pie."

The acting governor who granted the pardon in a
curious use of his momentary power was a state senator
filling in for Jim Guy Tucker who was at the
presidential inauguration. The dealer's father was
none other than Say McIntosh.



The Wizard of Is.

HMM. . .I
[From the statement by Rep. Asa Hutchinson]

The president knew that Monica was going to make a
false affidavit. He was so certain of the contents tht
when Monica Lewinsky asked if he wanted to see it, he
told her no, that he had seen 15 of them.

HMM. . .II
[From the Judicial Watch deposition of Linda Tripp]

Q Now the bit about the screen flashing up
encrypted, Mr. Klayman asked you, again this is on
page 139, is that an accurate recitation of what you
told Lucianne Goldberg and you responded no.

A No, it's not. Let me just clarify, it's not that,
it appears to be a compilation of two different issues
confused in the recitation. The word encrypted, if I
used it at all, did not have to do with FBI files. It
had to do with another issue on Deb Gorham's machine
when it was located in the West Wing prior to its
being moved. What I had told Lucianne Goldberg at the
time was that it had been alarming to me that when I
tried to enter data from a caller that I was working
with on a tainted blood issue, that every time I
entered a word that had to do with this particular
issue, it would flash up either the word encrypted or
password required or something to indicate the file
was locked.

[From the Judicial Watch deposition of Linda Tripp]

Q. My question is whether you recall any specific
orders that Mrs. Clinton gave either of those two

A I remember an order having to do with the firing
of the Travel Office from Mrs. Clinton to Mr. Foster,
Q What was that order?

A In handwriting on a memo in Mrs. Clinton's hand
signed HRC, which said, we need our people out, out
underlined -- we need these people out, out
underlined, we need our people in, in underlined, HRC.


HMM. . . .V
[From 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1505, cited by
Landmark Legal Foundation in asking
for a Justice Department probe of
Larry Flynt]

Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any
threatening letter or communication influences,
obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence,
obstruct, or impede the due and proper exercise of the
power of inquiry under which any inquiry or
investigation is being had by either House, or any
committee of either House or any joint committee of
the Congress - shall [be fined not more than $250,000
and/or imprisoned not more than five years per

HMM. . .VI
[Gathered by Scott Jordan]

"The President should resign. He has lied to the
American people, time and time again, and betrayed
their trust..." -- Bill Clinton, re: Richard M. Nixon
in 1974.

"No question that an admission of making false
statements to government officials... is an
impeachable offense." -- Bill Clinton, Arkansas
Gazette, August 8, 1974, page 7-A.

"Impeachment should apply to those offenses which
proceed from the misconduct of public men or, in other
words, from the abuse or violation of some public
trust. They are of a nature which may with peculiar
propriety be denominated political, as they relate
chiefly to injuries done immediately to society
itself.... Impeachment did not have to be for criminal
offenses but only for a 'course of conduct' that
suggested an abuse of power or a disregard for the
office of the President of the United States...A
person's 'course of conduct' while not particularly
criminal could be of such a nature that it destroys
trust, discourages allegiance, and demands action by
the Congress...The office of the President is such
that it calls for a higher level of conduct than the
average citizen in the United States." --The staff of
the House Judiciary Committee (which included Hillary
Rodham), 1974, quoting from Alexander Hamilton in the
Federalist Papers.

"...[He] took an oath to tell the truth and the whole
truth. As a grand jury witness, it was not for him to
decide what would be material. That was for the grand
jury to decide. Of all people, Federal Judge Walter
Nixon certainly knew this. So I am going to vote
'guilty'... He misled the grand jury. These acts are
indisputably criminal and warrant impeachment." --
Senator Tom Daschle on the impeachment of Judge Walter

"[The President] will serve absolutely no purpose in
finishing out his term; the only possible solution is
for the president to save some dignity and resign." --
WJ Clinton, 1974


[From the London Daily Mail]

'Buddy Young, another state trooper, was Clinton's
driver,' says Brown. 'Young would take the governor
and Bobbie Ann Williams to Clinton's mother's cabin.
Clinton never doubted for a moment that his people
would keep their mouths shut about his habits.'"

[From a story by Dan Wattenberg]

"L.D. Brown, an Arkansas state trooper who was the
main source for an article I was then working on
[early 90s] about efforts by the Clinton machine to
deter and punish revelations about his extramarital
adventures, was on Clinton's security detail at the
time of the alleged sessions with Williams. The two
state cars she described did not match any in the
governor's fleet, according to Brown. Brown himself
had never laid eyes on Williams nor heard anything
about such a woman from Clinton or other troopers."


Laws, principles & precedents
relating to the impeachment
& trial of a president

[WARNING: The following arguments -- made by the president's lawyers and his supporters in the Democratic Party and the media -- should be only attempted in a protected environment such as television talk shows or the United States Senate and not in an actual court of law]

1. A president may lie under oath or attempt to fix a trial as long as sex is somehow involved.

2. Come to think of it, a president may lie under oath or attempt to fix a trial even if sex isn't involved; it's just federal judges who can't.

3. The president can only be impeached for acts conducted as part of official duties, thus a president
may not be impeached for perjury, obstruction of justice, suborning of witnesses, rape, murder or similar private mayhem that is none of the public's business.

4. A president may not be impeached for inducing someone to lie under oath unless he specifically says the words, "Now, I want you to lie under oath. . ."

5. The president may not be convicted of any offense the Washington media does not understand.

6. The president may not even be publicly criticized for matters not contained in the referral of the special prosecutor. Offending guests shall be severely chastised for violations with the words "Now you are trying to sneak something in that's not in the Starr report." It is thus totally improper to speak of the nearly 50 FOB's convicted of felonies, the over 100 who have taken the Fifth or fled the country, the purloining of FBI files of opponents, the corrupt prosecution of the head of the White House travel office, illegal contributions from the Chinese government, the selling of tainted blood to Canadians, organized crime, drugs, alleged rape. suborning of witnesses other than Monica Lewinsky, and so forth.

7. A president, under oath, does not have to tell the whole truth, any little bit of it will do.

8. Whether the president's offenses rise to the level of impeachment is, under our system of justice, to be determined by polls, television talk show guests, op ed columnists and the president's own lawyers.

9. A president may be impeached and convicted only upon the concurrence of a majority of the members of his party in the Senate.

10. A president may not be convicted so long as any of the following exist: (1) he has approval ratings above 50%; (2) unemployment is below 5% or (3) the Dow Jones is above 8500.

11. The constitutional provision that the president shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed does not apply to the president.


Christian Darkin has created a virtual Tony Blair, a desk top creature one have "at your beck and call day or night." You can also:

* Feed and care for your own pocket sized Premier!
* Watch as he fights to win your support!
* Reprimand him when he behaves badly!
* See him generate new policy ideas, and set up working parties and focus groups!
* Above all, work with him to build New Britain!

Darkin has also created a virtual Bill Clinton that only offers excuses and apologies.



"Of course, all Clinton needed to do was to tell the truth at once, instead of listening to the advice of his double-crossing ex-consultant Dick Morris. It was Morris, immediately after the scandal exploded a year ago, who explained to Clinton that America would never forgive him for his escapades with Monica. I had warned Clinton from the beginning about the bad influence of that man, who cares only about opinion polls, bends with the wind of the moment, and doesn't give a damn about moral and political principles." -- Leon Panetta in interview with Corriere della Sera of Milan

"Having accepted responsibility for my own scandal, I do not feel obliged to accept it for his." -- Dick Morris in interview with Washington Post concerning Panetta's remarks.


Al Krebs of the Agribusiness Examiner has added to our collection of Blairiana published recently. As you may recall, Diane Kincaid Blair runs the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and James Blair is the just retired attorney for Tyson Food. Both are close to the Clintons and were, in fact, married by Governor Clinton. The following is from David Mariniss's book "First in His Class:"

"Once earlier, when Clinton told Diane Kincaid, the political science professor at Arkansas, how much she reminded him of Rodham and made him miss her, the professor asked him why he did not just marry Rodham and bring her to Arkansas. `Because she's own,' Clinton said. `If she comes to Arkansas it's going to be my state, my future. She could be president someday. She could go to any state and be elected to the Senate. If she comes to Arkansas, she'll be on my turf.'"


Carl Limbacher of NewsMax -- one of those following the Danny Williams DNA story -- called the FBI the other day with a simple request: would the agency confirm that the DNA profile in the Kenneth Starr report accurately portrays that of President Clinton or whether it was altered for reasons of national security or privacy?

The answer. "We're not going to answer a question like that."

As Limbacher points out "If the President's DNA was camouflaged in FBI documents, a DNA paternity test recently arranged by Star Magazine would be unreliable. Reportedly, test results rule out any possibility that Clinton is the father of Little Rock teen Danny Williams."

Star's editor, Phil Bunton said staffers on the House Judiciary Committee told his publication that they "believed" the limited Clinton DNA profile was accurate but that the Star had been unable to get any confirmation from the FBI or Independent Counsel. Bunton said Star would not report on its Danny Williams investigation in any upcoming issue.

Says Limbacher: "Christopher Curioli, an editor of scientific and medical textbooks whose recent work includes the CD-ROM version of "Gray's Anatomy", told NewsMax.com that the Clinton DNA information may have been deliberately changed in public documents. ~ Curioli suggested that presenting a 'protected sequence'; i.e., an altered version of actual DNA information, is commonplace in the fields of genetic and virological research as a matter of industrial security."



[From a 1998 report on the White House data base by the House Committee on Reform and Oversight]


"The committee found substantial evidence that Deputy White House Counsel Cheryl Mills perjured herself in testimony before the committee about her decision, made in concert with White House Counsel Jack Quinn, to withhold important documents responsive to the committee's requests. . ."

The report also stated:

"The President's involvement in the plan to convert government property to the DNC and the ultimate accomplishment of that plan (represented by the transfer of these lists and data to the DNC and the Clinton/Gore campaign) motivated the White House to mount an extraordinary effort to delay and impede the investigation. Incriminating documents were withheld until after the 1996 election--in one case, for more than a year. The White House refused to respond for months to repeated requests for documents and information. Most significantly, when called before the committee to explain the withholding of documents, Deputy Counsel to the President Cheryl Mills chose to give demonstrably false testimony. This matter has been referred to the Department of Justice for investigation of possible perjury and obstruction of the investigation."



From "Partners in Power" by Roger Morris:

"On November 9, 1984, three days after his half brother's resounding victory at the polls, Roger Clinton was back in court to change his plea to guilty of conspiracy and a single count of drug distribution. He was 'one tentacle of cocaine distribution in Arkansas,' said Republican US attorney Asa Hutchinson, though most of the other arms of the figurative monster would never be pulled in. In a subsequent trial Roger testified for the government to convict a boyhood friend, Sam Anderson, Jr., a Hot Springs lawyer. ~ But there the inquiry stopped for the moment. 'I guess I'm gong to do Roger's time for him,' Anderson would say bitterly."

"' We had a lot more than Roger . . .' said one local officer close to the case. 'But Roger cops out, our narcs get taken out, and the case stops there."

"Though the Reagan-appointed US attorneys for the region at the time, Asa Hutchinson and J. Michael Fitzhugh, repeatedly denied, as Fitzhugh put it, 'any pressure in any investigation,' [key investigators] Duncan and Welch watched the Mena inquiry systematically quashed and their own careers destroyed as the IRS and state police effectively dissolved their investigations and turned on them. 'Somebody outside ordered it shut down,' one would say, 'and the walls went up.' Welch [a state trooper] recorded his fear and disillusion in his diary on November 17, 1987: 'Should a cop cross over the line and dare to investigate the rich and powerful, he might well prepared himself to become the victim of his own government . ~ The cops are all afraid to tell what they know for fear that they will lose their jobs.'"


Reporter Dan Moldea, who has worked for Larry Flynt and bragged about it, has written to the Wall Street Journal to complain that it had falsely accused him of having worked for the Washington law firm of Williams & Connolly: "This statement is false and misleading, as well as reckless and malicious. I have never 'worked for' Williams & Connolly in any capacity. ~ I demand that you publish an immediate retraction to these defamatory statements. If you choose to ignore this demand, I will bring my attorneys into this matter."

Hell, we know a lot of Washington lawyers who are nicer than Larry Flynt.


If it's really a matter of neo-puritanism vs. personal freedom, why aren't all the liberals excusing adultry also supporting an end to the war on drugs?


TPR has learned that the House Banking Committee's investigation into the explosive Mena drug/CIA/Contra story is still alive and in its final stages. We're told that the inquiry was delayed because of difficulties in getting information from various federal agencies. Investigators are now in the final stages of a draft report. Still unknown: what chair Jim Leach will do with it. But with the media and the independent prosecutor taking a dive on the story, Leach's committee remains the best hope that at least some of the truth will come out.

One mystery of many: will the investigation shed any light on the murder of two boys in Saline County who were left on a railroad track to be run over by a train? Some believe the boys died because they accidentally intercepted a drug drop, but information obtained by TPR suggests the drop may had dispensed not drugs but cash, gold and platinum -- part of a series of sorties by which those working with the CIA -- including making weapons for the Contras -- were reimbursed.

According to this account, the boys were blamed in order to cover up the theft of the $500,000 in greenbacks and $1 million in gold and platinum by well-known persons within the Dixie Mafia and Arkansas political machine. The drop, the 46th of 50, allegedly parachuted duffel bags containing the valuables along with radio transmitters that worked on 49 megahertz.


Elizabeth Ward Gracen, an actress who says she once
had a brief affair with President Clinton, is claiming that
she is being hounded by the IRS. The White House has
denied being involved. Said WH public relations aide
Joe Lockhart: "I can tell you categorically that no
one here at the White House or no one who works in any
way with this government would ever seek to use the
IRS in a political way."

Paula Jones and various conservative groups have made
similar charges in the past.

Gracen said she had sex with Clinton in 1983 in a
limousine. After Jones' lawyers began looking for her
with a subpoena, Gracen was supposedly called by
someone who told her, "I'd advise you not to be
around." She immediately left Little Rock.

This year, however, she admitted the affair to a
Toronto newspaper about alleged intimidation of
her family and friends. Following the report,
according to Gracen lawyer Vincent Vento, the same
caller contacted her and said, "You should really
keep your mouth shut about Bill Clinton and go on
with your life. You could be discredited. You could
have an IRS investigation."

Vento told the New York Post: "She pays her taxes.
She's really square."


As recording secretary of the Minuscule Left-Wing
Conspiracy, we are glad to welcome the estimable Nat
Hentoff of the Village Voice to the cabal. Hentoff,
whose chosen beat is nothing less than our freedoms,
has turned his eye on the egregious civil liberties
offenses of the Clinton administration, and most
recently concerning those women with whom Clinton
has had an affair. Hentoff in the 1/12 Voice
names names, places, and dates (many of which are
familiar to Undernews readers). Before he gets to the
specifics Hentoff lays it all out bluntly:

"[The] obstruction of justice charge has been
underplayed in the press and in the referral to the
Senate by the House Judiciary Committee. It has many
dimensions, but the most disgusting and pertinent
involves what Clinton and his emissaries have done to
threaten his discarded women in order to prevent their
testifying against him. It has become brutally clear
that any former object of his lust who threatens his
presidency should be put into the Witness Protection


* Chair of the Corporation for Pubic Broadcasting
which funds NPR and PBS: Diane Blair.
* Name of long-time lawyer for Tyson Food, a firm that
paid $6 million in criminal fines and costs in the
Michael Espy investigation: James Blair
* Name of the Arkansas lawyer who arranged the
notorious cattle options scheme in which novice
trader Hillary Clinton made $100, 000 on a $1,000
investment: James Blair
* Name of James Blair's girl friend at the time: Diane
Divers Kincaid
* Name of official who married Kincaid and Blair in
1979: WJ Clinton
* Blairs' "best person" at the wedding: Hillary

[Answer at end of this report]

It is not possible to form a just judgment of a public
figure who has attained [such] enormous dimensions ~
until his life work as a whole is before us. Although
no subsequent political action can condone wrong
deeds, history is replete with names of men who have
risen to power by employing stern, grim, and even
frightful methods, but who, nevertheless, when their
life is revealed as a whole, have been regarded as
great figures whose lives have enriched the story of

The pragmatism of morality

Both the contemporary right, which views moral issues as immutable absolutes handed down from above, and the postmodern left, which denies the potential for a common moral code, miss the point. Values exist because human communities need them. We are seeing played out what happens when the moral consensus breaks down. Months ago a psychiatrist friend described the Clinton story as being one of the dysfunctional American family. A family that not only can't agree on a moral code, but on whether we need a one at all. No culture fares well under such circumstances.

I have spent much of my life in two places of strikingly different values: urban Washington and rural Maine. I can perhaps best describe the difference this way: I once bought a used car sight unseen for my son over the phone from David at R&D Automotive in Freeport, Maine. I figured I would do far better that way then I would in any used car lot in the Washington metropolitan area. The car made four and two-thirds round trips across the United States and was still worth enough that when it finally gave out in Moab, Utah, it paid for the bus and train tickets my second son needed to get to San Francisco.

I did not make this decision on religious or philosophical grounds; rather it was -- as subsequent events indicated -- highly pragmatic. I simply took advantage of one of the places left in America where a person's word is still considered worthy bond.
Washington, in my time at least, has never been such a place. One of the most distressing aspects of living here has been dealing with people incapable of relationships without intrigue, hidden agendas, and exploitation. The Clinton affair represents these defects at their worst.

A study done of Quaker boarding schools and military academies found they have several things in common. There is, firstly, a moral code. Secondly, this code is not an immutable set of rules but rather something that endures the rigorous examination of daily application. Thirdly, the code is a topic of constant argument.

Such a living, pragmatic, regularly debated morality - - quite different from that demanded by the right and shunned by the left -- would make this city and this nation a much healthier and happier place. At least we would then no longer have to ask so often Washington's most frequent and self-revealing question: "Now, what did he mean by that?" -- sam smith

AND THE SPINNER IS: Winston Churchill writing of Adolf
Hitler in 1935, quoted by Christopher Hitchens in a
must-read article on Hitler in the current Vanity

And the nominee is:
Dale Bumpers

The political advice of the New York Times is trying enough, but when it lets that pecksniffian retromingent, R.A. Apple, give literary judgments on the front page, it can't pass unnoticed. Here are some excerpts from the speech by Dale Bumpers that the ever objective NYT deemed "eloquent:"

"The relationship between husband and wife, father and child has been incredibly strained, if not destroyed. There's been nothing but sleepless nights, mental agony for this family for almost five years."

"The president has said for all to hear that he misled, he deceived, he did not want to be helpful to the prosecution. And he did all of those things to his family, to his friends, to his staff, to his cabinet and to the American people. Why would he do that? Well, he knew this whole affair was about to bring unspeakable embarrassment and humiliation on himself, his wife, whom he adored, and a child that he worshipped with every fiber in his body and for whom he would happily have died to spare her this or to ameliorate her shame and her grief.''

"The punishment of removing Bill Clinton from office would pale compared to the punishment he has already inflicted on himself.''.

"If you vote to convict, in my opinion you're going to be creating more havoc than he could ever possibly create."

Let's leave aside the wise admonition that the first rule of good exposition is to speak the truth. Let's even leave aside the Bumpers' argument that "indefensible, outrageous, unforgivable, shameless" behavior is not sufficient reason to remove a president sworn to faithfully executive the laws. Bumpers' bumfodder fails on simple rhetorical grounds. It is of a variety that used to cause reporters to snicker among themselves, a poor decadent imitation of southern blarney, as close to eloquence as Dolly Parton is to elegance, and no mean indication that the establishment's language has fallen as low as the behavior it attempts to justify.

[If you want to hear some real southern rhetoric, rent the PBS documentary on Huey Long]

And the nominee is:
Cheryl Mills

Under the headline "In the City of Legal Stars, Another Is Born," the Washington Post's David Von Drehle got no less carried away than Apple. He described her performance before the Senate as remarkable and credited (for a whole boxed column) her brain, devotion, attitude, and especially her stonewalling of Congress.

As we have pointed out, Mills has a potential problem of lying and obstruction now under investigation by the Justice Department thanks to her performance during the White House data base investigation, but Post readers didn't hear about that.

Instead, she was cited for "giving voice" to black and female voters backing Clinton, apparently for having illustrated how gender and ethnicity rather than patriotism can become the favored refuge of the scoundrel.

Lost in such rhetoric is the degree to which this 6-figure ex-corporate lawyer and the rest of the Clinton administration represent the degree to which class, rather than ethnicity and gender, have drawn the real fault line of America.

Thus the successful Mills becomes a dashboard saint, while tens of thousands of black welfare mothers are publicly excoriated, assigned to indentured service, and otherwise treated as pariahs. While 697,000 individuals -- many of them black -- get arrested for using a drug less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes and for offenses far less venal that that of the president. While one out of seven black males lose their right to vote because of criminal records. While poorer black neighborhoods come under paramilitary occupation and police harassment. While 300,000 black citizens of Washington lose their modicum of self-government. There was no one on either of the side of the aisle speaking for such people.


The car of an aide to President Clinton's chief counsel was burglarized this week and several "sensitive documents" were stolen, White House officials said late Thursday. A local television station, WTTG, a Fox affiliate, reported that the documents included ones pertaining to the investigation of the 1993 death of White House deputy counsel Vince Foster and the 1994 federal raid on the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, Texas. The White House press office declined on the record to characterize the content of the documents. Other White House officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said however that among the material taken were several "sensitive documents." They did not elaborate and suggested that the break-in was more in the nature of a street crime than one of political motivation. "It was a simple break-in," said one official. The car belongs to Cheryl D. Mills, a special assistant to White House counsel Abner Mikva. -- Chattanooga Free Press, July 14, 1995


Miss Lewinsky, given your promise of cooperation, under pain of imprisonment, with the independent counsel, how do you explain your statement -- "I gave them nothing" -- concerning your meeting with the House managers (as quoted on the front page of the New York Times)?

Things that have happened
to women who thought they
were just having consensual
sex with Bill Clinton

*Death threats
*A state police captain assigned to make sure you don't talk to reporters
*Being induced or coerced into signing false affidavits
*Coming back from testifying in a civil trial and finding an animal skull on your front porch
*Having nails put into your tires and your cat stolen
*Being trashed on national TV by the White House and media
*Finding your car window smashed a bullet on the front seat
*Having your apartment ransacked
*Getting anonymous harassing phone calls.
*Having your mother and children threatened
*Being the target of private investigators paid large sums to dig up dirt on you and coerce you into silence.


Kenneth Starr has obtained 14 convictions of Friends of Bill on charges including conspiracy, bribery, tax evasion, bankruptcy fraud, false statements, conspiracy to defraud the SBA, conspiracy to defraud the IRS, wire fraud, mail fraud, contempt of court and tax evasion.


Federal District Judge Henry H. Kennedy, Jr., has ordered the Internal Revenue Service to produce documents requested by Landmark Legal Foundation in its lawsuit attempting to uncover the origins of referrals for audits of nonprofit groups, including conservative and libertarian organizations. Says Landmark's president Mark Levin, "The IRS has thrown up every imaginable obstacle, every possible objection to block our request. So far, they've been unsuccessful and they have to produce the documents we've sought."


Nowknow that Danny Williams' DNA didn't match that described in the Starr report as that of W.J. Clinton. But is it really? Carl Limbacher of NewsMax and Accuracy in Media have asked five law enforcement and other government agencies about it and none will respond. The FBI, Secret Service, White House, and House Judiciary Committee would not confirm that the DNA described in the Starr report was accurate and had not been altered for reasons of privacy or national security. The Office of Independent Counsel would not return phone calls on the matter.

ACCURACY IN MEDIA: http://www.aim.org/
NEWSMAX: http://www.newsmax.com


Members of the political elite in Mexico have long been safe-guarded from prosecution by an unwritten code that effectively placed them above the law. Mexicans long weary of impunity among the elite greeted the landmark verdict [against Raul Salinas, brother of an ex-president] with a mixture of disbelief and relief. -- Reuters

From an interview with Larry Klayman
By Wesley Phelan of the Washington Weekly

One of the things Linda Tripp revealed under oath is that Ken Starr has not asked her one question about either Filegate or Travelgate, informally or before a grand jury. She mentioned it in passing once when she was talking about why she felt threatened. She said, "Here's what I saw, that is why I think I'm in jeopardy." But Ken Starr never followed up on it. He said, "We'll get back to it later." But later never came. Why are the Republicans focusing only on Lewinsky? Is it because at the time they made that decision they felt this was a scandal that would not touch them? Of course we know now that Larry Flynt is digging up similar dirt in their back yard. They made a tactical error. They have a tendency, because they are part of the establishment, to accept the establishment. And Ken Starr is part of the establishment. And if Ken Starr is not completely candid before their committee, because he has not done a thorough investigation, they are the kind of people who will accept that. They are part of the giant club here in Washington. The facts are clear. The FBI files controversy and the Travelgate controversy have not been thoroughly investigated. And Congress is shirking its responsibility by only looking at the Lewinsky affair.


The network that had no qualms running an interview with one of the Clinton machine's seediest defenders, Larry Flynt, is refusing to air an interview with one of the president's alleged victims. According to Matt Drudge, the internal dispute even has Tom Brokaw threatening to resign if the interview reporter Liza Myers conducted with "Jane Doe #5" is run.

Writes Drudge: "Broaddrick is now being described as 'emotionally drained' after the session with Myers. And since giving the interview, Broaddrick has confessed to a friend: 'I'm so afraid over what is going to happen now.'

Ironically, NBC already ran a major story by on the alleged assault last March in which Myers said:

"The explosive new allegation tonight is that President Clinton sexually assaulted a woman 20 years ago in Arkansas. It involves an alleged encounter at this Little Rock hotel in the late 1970s, between then Attorney General Bill Clinton and campaign worker, Juanita Broaddrick. In court documents today, Paula Jones' lawyers claim Clinton quote 'forcibly raped and sexually assaulted' Broaddrick, then quote 'bribed and intimidated her' to remain silent. Sources say that Broaddrick, now 54, recently denied under oath that such an assault occurred. But Jones' lawyers claim she had told their investigator she had suffered a quote 'horrible thing' at the hand of Clinton, and did not want to relive it. And NBC News has talked to four people from Arkansas who say Broaddrick told them of such an assault years ago."

Broaddrick subsequently talked with the special prosecutor, allegedly recanting her denial of the assault.

NBC has reportedly come under heavy White House pressure not to run the interview. Efforts to keep the Broaddrick story under wraps has been a major, albeit concealed, subtext of the Clinton defense efforts on the Hill, including the effort to reduce the number of witnesses.

One year ago this month, Drudge began a new career as official bane of the archaic media, after reporting that Newsweek was sitting on a story about another woman's relationship with Clinton.

He ends his current story on the locked-up NBC interview with the warning: "Use it or lose it."


President Clinton has declared more "states of national emergency" than any of
his predecessors. And he's done it in an era he boasts about as the freest, most peaceful and most prosperous time in recent American history. President Clinton has issued more executive orders than any of his predecessors. His top aides have even boasted of using them as a political strategy to go over the heads of the legislative branch of government. "Stroke of the pen, law of the land," boasted Paul Begala of the plan. "Pretty cool, huh?" Few of the executive orders have even been challenged by a Congress controlled by the opposition party. Few of them have even been read by a sleeping press establishment. And now President Clinton tells the nation that terrorism is such a threat to America that we need to consider establishing a "commander-in-chief for the defense of the continental United States." ~~~ The kinds of powers under discussion would be unacceptable in the hands of the most ethical, honorable, virtuous leader, but in the hands of a man with no character, a man whose only motivation is the accumulation and preservation of his own authority, the mere discussion of such powers should be anathema to every American. -- Joseph Farah, WorldNet


Canadian tainted-blood victims, so far ignored by the American media, are coming to Washington next month to demand an investigation into how contaminated blood from Arkansas and Louisiana got into their country's supply. The Ottawa Citizen reports:

"As well, they will announce they are exploring the possibility of suing
those in the U.S. who played a role -- including the companies that
collected the blood and the state governments that allowed it to happen.

"Their actions come in the wake of a series of investigative stories by the
Citizen last fall that revealed how a U.S. firm with links to President
Bill Clinton collected tainted blood from Arkansas prison inmates and sold
it abroad."


NBC is reportedly refusing to run an interview by Liza Meyers with Jane Doe #5, the woman allegedly assaulted by Clinton twenty years ago. Here are some relevant numbers and addresses:

-- Tim Russert, NBC Washington Bureau Chief for NBC 202-885-4548; Fax: 202-362-2009.
-- David Doss-Executive, Producer NBC Nightly news: 212-664-2331
-- Lisa Meyers: 202-885-4049.
-- Dateline: dateline@nbc.com