Who was soft on crime & who wasn't

A major reason Clinton retained such high popularity for so long was because, when it cames to Clinton and his friends, much of the media was soft on crime. Seldom in the history of law enforcement have prosecutors, police officers, and grand juries faced such media opposition to their efforts. This guide is designed to help you wend your way through the media morass. Thanks to our brutal objectivity, TPR is not included. Besides, you're already here. And since we believe in both redemption and descent from grace, we shall update this list from time to time. Send your nominations to TPR
Pick of the litter
Jerry Seper, Washington Times
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph of London
Christopher Ruddy, NewsMax
Roger Morris, "Partners in Power"
Best independent investigator
Hugh Sprunt
 Best of the Net
NewsMax: Chris Ruddy, Carl Limbacher
The Clinton Administration Scandal Bulletin Board
Washington Weekly:
Wes Phelan
WorldNet: David Bresnahan
Best mainstream reporters
Jeff Gerth, New York Times
William Sammon, Washington Times
Liza Myers, NBC
Jackie Judge, ABC
Mara Leveritt, Arkansas Times
Best back creek reporter
 Matt Drudge
Most establishment journalist
to advocate Clinton's resignation
David Broder
 Best dailies 
Washington Times
Wall Street Journal
Best magazines
The American Spectator
Best catch-up ball
Phillip Weiss, New York Observer
Stuart Taylor, National Journal
Worst daily
Washington Post
Worst columnists & commentators
Gene Lyons, Joe Conason, Eleanor Clift, Jane Mayer, Geraldo Rivera, Cokie Roberts, Tom Oliphant, Anthony Lewis, Charles Grodin, Renata Adler, Eric Alterman, Alan Dershowitz, Lannie Davis, Evan Thomas
Worst publications
Salon, The New Yorker
Loose cannons
Dick Morris, George Stephanopoulos
Best TV Program
Chris Matthews' Hardball; Bill O'Reilly
Miniscule Left-Wing Conspiracy
Roger Morris, Phillip Weiss, Jim Ridgeway, Nat Hentoff, Michael Kelly
 Most negligent media
National Public Radio
Jim Lehrer Hour
Most disappointing media
The left-liberal press
The Still-Don't-Get-It Gang
Bill Raspberry, Anthony Lewis, Jim Lehrer, Mollie Ivans, Diane Rehm, Mary McGrory, Alan Colmes, Gary Trudeau, Wolf Blitzer, Margaret Carlson, Al Hunt
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